Living In A Looking Glass World

Released in May 2019, 'Living In A Looking Glass World' is a new concept album from Tim Hunter, inspired by the connections between North Yorkshire and Lewis Carroll.

These were the following sound effects used in 'Living In A Looking Glass World'

'The Ancient Rectory Of Croft' 

Train sound

'Living In A Looking Glass World'

Music Box

Antique Clock


'Going Offline'

Mouse Clicks

Power Off


Cat Meow

'The Walrus And The Carpenter'

Sea Waves

'Escape From The Red Queen'

Breaking Glass

Interlude #2


Opening Present








'Blue Sky Moments' Instrumental Album

An eclectic mix of smooth rhythm, soft jazz, blues and rock and melodic techno. Inspired by the scenic coastline of North Yorkshire.

NB Some tracks feature licensed samples/pads.

Sound Effects used from Freesound:

'Dinosaur Track' dinosaur sounds 

'Fossil Fantasy' Sounds:



Music inspired by the connections between North Yorkshire and Lewis Carroll

Tim Hunter is now working on a new musical project, which is inspired by the connections between North Yorkshire and Lewis Carroll. The First Bandcamp release from the project has been 

'Jabberwocky' which is also on You Tube. A video of 'Living In A Looking Glass World' is also available.

Charles Dodgson (1832-1898), better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was an English writer, mathematician and Anglican Deacon. His family home for 25 years was in Croft –upon-Tees, Richmondshire in North Yorkshire. His father was Rector of Croft and Archdeacon of Richmond, and a canon of Ripon Cathedral.

Dodgson made many documented visits to Whitby (recorded in his diaries), including a two month revision school in 1854 set up to prepare Dodgson and others for their finals at Oxford. Dodgson also had his first literary works published in the Whitby Gazette. In 1871, Dodgson attended the marriage of his brother, Wilfred , to Alice Donkin in Sleights.

Yorkshire Through The Ages Album

Yorkshire: a county full to the brim with independent minds, and musical souls. Take a revolutionary trip through political, religious and industrial uprisings with these twelve songs, spanning two thousand years of Yorkshire history.

From the Brigantean era through to the Industrial Revolution.

This is a list of effects used, resourced from Freesound on Tim Hunter's 'Yorkshire Through The Ages' album:

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On The Road With Blind Jack Album

This album features a series of songs which are inspired by the life of John Metcalf (1717–1810), also known as Blind Jack of Knaresborough, who was born in 1717 in Knaresborough, in a thatched cottage near the Parish church. ‘On The Road with Blind Jack’ is a personal view of Blind Jack’s life told in song, and was released in 2017 to coincide with the Tricentenery of  Jack’s birth on 15th August 2017.

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