Journeys: Captain James Cook

Tim In Whitby CC 3

Welcome to 'Journeys: Captain James Cook'

We're very proud, in North Yorkshire, of James Cook, who spent the early years of his life here. Cook rose from humble origins to become one of the world’s greatest explorers. On his three great Pacific voyages, he re-drew the map of the world and paved the way for the peoples of Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, French Polynesia and British Columbia to no longer live in global isolation.
Journeys: Captain James Cook is a full-length musical play about Captain Cook’s accomplishments and his demise as well as the loving relationship between him and his wife Elizabeth. The play has music composed by Tim, with a libretto by New York playwright Frederick McKinnon.

Tim Hunter: 'I've been interested for a while of working on a musical project about James Cook, I was particularly fascinated in Cook's connections with East London, where I lived for a while. I joined forces with Fred, who was a fellow Cook enthusiast, and we've been working on the project for about a year now. The full script has now just been finalised and all the songs are all now written. However, we thought we'd release a selection of songs to start the process of publicising the project. Anyone who wants more information on the project, particularly theatres and theatrical troupes who might be interested in staging a live production of the play,  please get in touch.'

The first release from the project was in July 2015: a CD with a selection of six songs, which focused on Cook's initial ambitions, his love for Elizabeth and, finally, his tragic death in Hawaii.


The second release was in March 2016, when the double CD audio version of the play was released. Both CDs are available on Bandcamp.

 Please read more for full details of the sound effects used on the audio version of the play.

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