Review of 'Journeys: Captain James Cook Trilogy' Progarchy 17.2.18

Rock Society #223 Jan/Feb 2018

'Yorkshire Through The Ages'
‘An enjoyable musical tour de Yorkshire…flows beautifully with some fantastic musical moments, and is a joy to listen to from start to finish.’

'On The Road With Blind Jack'
‘vocals as ever are evocative…telling the story with verve and style..’

'Silver Hunter - Mad Moonlighters' Plouc (on-line French Music Magazine) July 2016

'Silver Hunter...invite us to share their delirium in the great tradition of a surprisingly crazy progressive rock...An esoteric adventure
in which it is pleasant to visit ‘The Temple of Music’, to meet The High Priest of Prog or Doctor Beyond...'
'Journeys: Captain James Cook' Ralph Saro EDITOR at CBS (1010 WINS RADIO) New York City
"It'll make a terrific play. The music is fantastic. . . . It's a wonderful story. . . . I'll go see it."
'Journeys: Captain James Cook' July/August edition of ‘Rock Society’, the journal of the Classic Rock Society
‘I applaud their dedication and attention to detail...a good variety of music...tailored to story and lyric.’

'Journeys: Captain James Cook' Tykes News May 2016

‘ ambitious work..well-crafted and researched lyrics and empathetic scoring.’

‘Ascension’ review: Rock Society Magazine May/June 2013

“... good quality catchy and very listenable music... radio friendly listen”

“I have found it a very enjoyable and indeed radio friendly listen. The first thing you notice is the lush warm production on all the tracks, including Tim’s vocals which are excellent.”

“The music on offer here is shortish songs with catchy vocals”

“If … you are in the mood for good quality catchy and very listenable music… then this would be perfect.” SM

Classic Rock Society Magazine Nov/Dec 2012:Tim Hunter The Aura 

“CRS member Tim Hunter is quite the talented chappie, with a knack of producing melodic and well-balanced songs.” David Pearson

GloryDaze Music review of The Aura 13.11.12

“Progressive pop... similar to Pink Floyd but still very much Tim Hunter.”

“The classic Mike + The Mechanics sound is still very much at work here, but so is late period Moody Blues and Pink Floyd”

“’The Aura' is progressive but still very accessible… I'm often reminded of the Alan Parsons album 'The Time Machine' in both flow and style.”

“Similar to Pink Floyd but still very much Tim Hunter.”

Background Magazine

“he's a gifted singer as well; on some of the tracks he reminded me of the way John Wetton sings. On The Pathway Of Light you could say that high-levelled pop music dominates the album. Many of the rather simple tunes reminded me of Like Word Of Mouth (1991) and Beggar On A Beach Of Gold (1995), the more commercial albums recorded by Mike & The Mechanics. ...listening to 'The Aura'... the more 'seriously' recorded albums of Mike & The Mechanics could be seen as a reference, like Mike + The Mechanics (1985) and The Living Years (1988). Also influences of Pink Floyd appear...people who fancy the music of Pink Floyd or the more progressive albums made by Mike & The Mechanics should give these albums a try. ' Review of 'The Pathway of light' and 'The Aura'

Dutch Progressive Rock Pages

Review of 'The Aura' in the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (DPRP)
'The album has a feel of latter period Moody Blues or mid 80’s Alan Parson Project (Pyramid era) and is generally fairly light and easy to listen to……. a pleasant well performed, recorded and presented CD.' 5/10

Spring 2012 edition ofProgression Magazine: Tim Hunter – The Pathway of Light, rating 12/16
“Tim Hunter is a British singer-songwriter who appears to be a virtual cottage industry unto himself. He’s released seven albums under his own name since the late ‘90s. He also markets songbooks that feature tablature and illustrated lyrics from his back catalogue. It’s a good thing that Tim includes a detailed booklet with lyrics because the subject matter of his songs runs deep, filled with positivism, spirituality and cerebrally liberating concepts. For instance, title track ‘The Pathway of Light’ presents Hunter’s plea, ‘Overcome the inner darkness and let the light prevail/On the ocean of tranquillity you can set sail’. He also broaches ecological concerns in ‘Spare the tiger’, ‘Outside The System’ finds him championing the free thinkers and disenfranchised among us.”

“All is melodically and quite accessibly delivered with an abiding Moody Blues-cum-Steve Hillage feel. Musically, Hunter plies acoustic, funk, pop and electronica with symphonic texturing. Good sing along stuff here.”

“... good ideas... easy on the ear...”  Dutch Progressive Rock Pages Reviews.

“Multi-talented...sheer high quality...thought-provoking lyrics...his music owes so much to...intelligent, slick 80s pop with a residue of prog. He's also a bit Genesis (Invisible Touch era) and Pink Floyd (circa The Wall or The Division Bell), influenced by that point where 70s prog turned into mainstream rock.' Harrogate Advertiser.”

“Marvellous music...each song has a different and 'catchy' opener, (I think those that are in the know call it a Riff?) and the lyrics are both poetic and inspiring. I rated 'Freedom' 10 out of 10 because since I first heard it many months ago it always finds time to leap into my head at every opportunity, and now has to vie with 'England (With One Voice)'.... one of the songs was evocative of one of my all-time musical hero's, John Lennon. This is a marvellous CD album Tim and I defy any Englishman/woman not to have a lump in their throat if they value anything about this great country of theirs that is called England!”

“Especially enjoyed your Life in a Traffic Jam song Tim. Reckon I can spot a fellow Camel fan in there too!”

“...rural and reflective poetry…”  LUXEMBOURG NEWS

“…programmed, arranged, built to perfection around quality song writing…” CHARM, UK

“Tim’s songs are concise, genuinely thoughtful…easy on the ear…and deserve to be wider known.”  ROCK ‘N’ REEL MAGAZINE, UK